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Profoundly Gifted Kids Can Talk a LOT and Passionately About Their Interests

Part 4 of Davidson Gifted Perspectives, a video series that examines a number of different gifted-related issues and viewpoints

Many profoundly gifted children can be intensely passionate about their interests. Sometimes this means they want to talk A LOT about those interests. And, as parents, you are an audience who just so happens to be around quite a bit when your child is info-dumping or monologuing.

You may wonder: Should I just be a receptive, engaged listener? Am I reinforcing that this—talking “at” someone—is socially rewarding? Should I be doing something differently to be more of a partner in the conversation?

Those are all important questions to think through. Many profoundly gifted people enjoy this type of communication. It’s one way that they may express love and appreciation; they are sharing one of their most favorite things with you in all its beautiful complexity and nuance.

It’s also a style of communication that can be leveraged as a strength as our Family Services team shares in this excerpt from a virtual Q&A event.

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